St. Patricks day always brings about a sneaky little leprechaun.  This year we thought if we didn’t try to catch him, perhaps he wouldn’t mess our room up like he did last year.  He did tie all the chairs up, but he also left us goody bags full of beautiful rocks and gold and a chocolate.  The students loved cutting the chairs free. We also made fruit loop and marshmallow rainbows. We tried to make our construction rainbow on the wall again.  It started out great, but by the end of the week, the best fun was gluing the cut pieces together in a big pile of cut up pieces and this year we even had fun cutting the glue sticks! 




The Great Outdoors

Love the days when the clouds part and the sun comes out long enough for us to get some fresh air.  The afternoon class was lucky enough this March to experience ‘outdoor’ school.  We’ll bring everything we need out: snack, worksheets, circle time activities, art projects, and all the while soaking up some vitamin D! 


More Dr. Seuss

Wacky Wednesday


The afternoon class loved the book Wacky Wednesday and had to scour over every page finding all the wacky things. The morning class made a wacky yarn spider web and they got to color under the table again. Many wore wacky outfits and crazy hair!!!

Thing 1 and Thing 2


Put Me in the Zoo

It was polka dot day! The students dressed in polka dots! We saw spots all day.



Horton Hears a Who


Green Eggs and Ham. I DO like them, thumbs up.  I do NOT like them, thumbs down.


Vinegar and Soda Instead of Oobleck

We LOVE Oobleck, and we aren’t afraid to make a mess, but Oobleck is a better outside mess then inside mess. So we did less messy indoor volcano’s. 




Dr. Seuss Days

We had so much fun last year with Dr. Seuss, that we did 2 weeks of Dr. Seuss this year.  We had a lot of fun incorporating many of our Dr. Seuss books with our learning activities.  It might look like all fun and games, but who said learning shouldn’t be fun? We counted, added, made stripes and polka dots, cut, drew, traced and had a great time learning along the way! 

Ten Apples Up On Top


Cat in the Hat


Presidents Day

I love Pinterest and Teachers Pay Teachers! Those two computer sites are full of new and great preschool age ideas. Check out our great president days work and crafts. 


Valentines Day at Preschool

They love making friendship cards, cutting out hearts and giving them their creations to friends.  We had a table full of paper that the students wrote or drew photos on and then put into envelopes. (recycled donated envelopes from a past grandparent)   We had a list of all the students names on the wall, so they could write their friends name correctly on the front of the envelope. I think they enjoyed this activity more then the actual valentine boxes! I’d love to show you photos of this activity table, but those photos are stuck on my phone.  One day I will conquer that task. 


Letter Sleuth’s Part 2






They love magnifying glasses! During or Chicka-Chicka Boom Boom week, they loved looking for itty bitty letters on the big letters.  


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